Ask the Shaper – Patrik live

Find out the tricks and tips behind board shaping in this nice interview by!

A very nice interview with Patrik!

A long but very nice interview with Patrik. Absolutely worth listening!

Thank you Windsurfing.TV!

Pascal Toselli on PATRIK!

Pascal Toselli will be on PATRIK in 2020!!!

We are happy to welcome a great talent for windsurfing in our PATRIK family!
We believe that he will be one of the top guys in the new format of Slalom racing and that he will be flying high like on this picture also with results.

Nicolas Warembourg back on PATRIK!

We are more than happy to welcome back to the PATRIK family Warembourg Nicolas!!!

The multiple Le Defi winner that is a great ambassador of our sport will be a great addition in promoting our philosophy.

Warembourg Nicolas just got 4th at the Defi-wind JAPAN in Miyako!!!

Alex wins Defi-wind Japan!

Alexandre Cousin wins the Defi-wind JAPAN in Miyako 2020!!!

The first big competition in 2020 where most of the top windsurf stars gathered was the legendary Le Defi in Japan. The race was run in light winds and Alex Cousin showed everyone that he will be the man to beat in 2020!!!
Using his AIRINSIDE Slalom 130 v2, Chopper Fins 44 and 8.6 he showed everyone what a planing machine this amazing construction is.

Big congratulation from the whole PATRIK family!!!!

Maelle Guilbaud 3rd in the World!!!!!

Another PWA World Tour Windsurfing overall podium for the Patrik Windsurf International team!!!!!

Maëlle Guilbaud Windsurf is 3rd in the overall Slalom PWA World raking!!!!!

The PWA 2019 season is now officially over. An amazing event in Noumea, New Caledonia, saw plenty of racing and good battels.

In the women division, Maëlle Guilbaud finished the event in 4th place which was enough to get on the overall podium. While Marianne Rautelin finished 7th to close the year in the same position.

While in the men division Julien Quentel finished the event 9th to finish in a still amazing 5th place overall!!!

The young talent Francesco Scagliola that had an amazing season in the youth division showed with the 22nd place on the last event of the year that he is one to watch for the future.

Big congratulation to the whole team and we wish everyone a great rest and good training over winter!!!

Alex Cousin is the PWA Foil Vice World Champion!!!

What an amazing end of the PWA Foiling season with a win in the last elimination by Alex Cousin!

Entering the event last event of the season in Sylt Alex was equal points with top 4 racers, so everything was open. With that in mind, quite some pressure was on him and the fact that there will be a mix of courses, between course racing and salom on foil, all was open. But the first two upwind-downwind races Alex showed he will be one of the top racers with two second places.

He continued the event with constant top finishes to end the event with an amazing win in the elimination number 10! And it was a slalom race so things look very promising for 2020 when in light wind slalom foiling will be introduced.

Alex finished the event in Sylt on 2nd place which brought him to the 2nd place overall in the PWA 2019 Foil season!!!



We have to mention also Steve Allen that showed some top 10 results and finished 13th.

We are already excited about the 2020 season!

Bora Kozanoğlu is the 2019 IFCA Masters Slalom European champion!!!

Bora Kozanoğlu is the 2019 IFCA Masters Slalom European champion!!!
The IFCA Slalom JYM Euros were held in beautiful Alacati where the lighter winds allowed much competition.
Bora Kozanoglu has won on the PATRIK Slalom 130 3 out of 4 races!!!
An amazing performance also by the young talent Anna Biagiolini ITA 188 who finished 3th after 7 races in Female Youth division!
Also to mention Francesco Scagliola who was leading the Youth division and then got unfortunately sick.

Congratulation to all PATRIK TEAM riders for the great performance!
Jonas Thyme DEN-171, Angeli Hacudi_Tur480, Toprak Ege Hazer, Erkan Morgan, Aydın Gözen

Two podiums in Silvaplana at IFCA Foil World Championship and Marathon!!

The past week the Engadinwind Silvaplana IFCA Foil World Championship 2019 was showing the World what foiling brought to our sport. Racing in 4-6 knots is now realistic, incredible but through.
In 11 races in all sort of conditions, Steve Allen used all his knowledge to once again show that he is the man in course racing. He finished 3rd with winning the race number 5.

At the same time, Alexandre Cousin FRA 752 just did not have luck as he was leading two races and in one he broke the mast and one got canceled due to too light wind. Nevertheless, he still finished 7th!

We need to say that 4 out of the top 10 were on PATRIK boards what just shows that PATRIK Foil boards are one of the best if not the best FOILing boards out there.

At the same time, the 2019 Engadinwind marathon was held in tricky conditions of shifting winds. After long 5 laps, Elia Colombo finished 2nd!!!

Amazing performance of all the PATRIK team, a big congratulation to all!

Julien Quentel finished 4th in Fuerteventura!

What an event!
In a variety of winds, nine races were held. The first elimination was won by Julien Quentel who continued in a consistent way to finish the event in 4th place and proved once again that him PATRIK boards and he can actually win slalom races.
A big congratulation also to Alexandre Cousin that performed very well and finished the last race on an amazing 2nd place to enter the top 10 and finished the event on an amazing 9th place.

In freestyle, unfortunately, Adam Sims got injured so only Mattia Fabrizi was fighting but was unlucky to get in the double-elimination Kiri Thode which was on fire and stopped him on the 17th place.

Fantastic team performance!