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The Prince of Speed delivered in full action when in La Palme all the competitors had the chance to fight for nautical mile open ocean records. Thanks so Heidi Ulrich Patrik has a new WORLD RECORD in Outright Nautical Mile. In a close battle with other women, she managed to break the 12 years old record of Zara Davis that was 34,74 […]

PATRIK formula board is officially the fastest in Europe!!!

Janis Preiss and Steve Allen brought to Patrik two more European titles! The two guys just dominated the Formula European Championship on PATRIK formula boards. Janis won the fin class in front of Steve, while in foil class it was just the opposite. So the board performed no matter what you put under it. Furthermore, Wojtek Brzozowski finished 4th and Tristen Erik Kivi 5th […]

Eight podiums to start the season!

The Easter long weekend is usually the start of the competition season in Europe as the spring slowly kicks in. It was no change this year with at least four competitions in different parts around Europe. The PWA started the season with a woman only wave event in Morocco. The event is still on till […]

Tine Slabe our new marketing manager

It is time to upgrade our business plans and introduce you to Tine Slabe our new marketing manager.   www.tineslabe.com                      www.differenteyewear.com marketing@patrikdiethelm.com