Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10) on PATRIK Boards

We are happy to announce another top international sailor joining the PATRIK Team. Welcome Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10) 7-times World Champion!
Following his own statement:
I switched to PATRIK as I needed something new, I needed new power, new spirit. And luckily PATRIK came out with his new and exciting technology AirInside. So I ordered and got my boards and… wow!!! What a pleasant feeling! Such lightness, so easy planing, so fast and still so easy to jibe. I am shocked and I am in love! Just finished IFCA Slalom Grand Prix at Neusiedler See in Austria and I must say that I could easily win every first leg for speed. Amazing! So now I am back home training my sweet jibes but with peace in my heart as I know… I AM FAST! Great to be on PATRIK Team!

Great Start Into The New Year Racing Season 2017

Great start into the new year racing season. Patrik Diethelm and Steve Allen spent a week long testing ahead of the race in the south. After trying all new slalom shapes both were very confident already before the start. Steve got off the beach first and quickly expanded his unchallenged lead. Patrik who had a much slower start moved up to second before the first mark but realised it was too late to catch up Steve. After a bad third jibe Patrik saw the Severne sail behind him coming closer and made sure he stayed well ahead in second of what he believed to be Gunnar Asmussen. Only in the finish he realised that local team mate Rowen Law had an excellent race and completed the PATRIK elite podium! Just 4 minutes later in overall 11st position came in Karin Jaggi as first women. Together with the 3rd wave women from PATRIK Teamrider Lina Erpenstein it has been an excellent start to the 2017 racing season for PATRIK Boards.  

Alexandre Cousin is the 2016 Formula Windsurfing World Champion

There is a new name on the plaque of champions – Alexandre Cousin from France is the 2016 Formula Windsurfing World Champion. To claim his first world title Alex won with his PATRIK Formula 4 Airinside 3 of the 7 races completed and posted consistently high results in the others, finishing the championship with the lowest overall score before discarded races.

After Steve Allens European Championship Title is this the second Title for PATRIKs Formula 4 Airinside.

Julien Quentel finishes his first season on PATRIK Boards with a great overall result!

Having started the year with a double sponsorship (to PATRIK and Avanti) change, for many it was uncertain how ready and how competitive Julien Quentel would be on the PWA Slalom World Tour.

Korea: 5th Place
Costa Brava, Spain: 18th Place
Fuerteventura, Spain: 5th Place
Hvide Sande, Denmark: 5th
Grand Slam in Sylt: 3rd in slalom, 25th place in freestyle and 17 in the waves

Overall Julien managed to position himself in 4th overall for the season.
Out of 18 eliminations he sailed in all of 16 finals!
An amazing statistic and stability throughout his season. Very few can boast this level of consistency and ability over so many events!

Thank you Julien for this outstanding first Season on PATRIK!

Danish Wave and Freestyle Championship: Rasmus Øgelund Danish Freestyle Champion! Caro Weber Wins Wave!

End of October, the Dansk Braetsejler Organisation (DBO) organized a really nice wave and freestyle event in Klitmöller, which should crown the danish wave and freestyle champion. The event was also opened for German sailors. Next to our danish freestlye hotshot Rasmus Øgelund, Claudius Hofbauer and Caro Weber from Germany took part, too. With three days in a row of cold easternly wind (starboard tack), a full wave elimination and a single elimination in freestyle could be completed. The level on the water was very high and everybody was pushing hard.

Our PATRIK-Teamriders did a pretty good job with Rasmus finishing 2nd in the freestyle event and therefore securing him the well-deserved danish championship! Congratulations! Caro managed to win the event after a pretty close battle with Sara Sommer. For his first ever windurfing event, Claudius performed very good, too ending up in 9th position in wave and in 5th position in freestyle!

Steffi Wahl and Lina Erpenstein finished 3rd and 6th in Tenerife

Steffi Wahl Steffi Wahl: “Done! Finished 3rd here in Tenerife and I’m super happy! I’ve had a beautiful time here on the island with loads of sailing and good conditions. Congrats to all the girls, especially for my german Patrik Windsurf International team member Lina Erpenstein for finishing 6th. Watch out for this girl! She has got some airtime in her pocket!”

Steffi Wahl completes the podium in Tenerife after producing a wave riding masterclass against Daida Moreno in the single to occupy 2nd place — before being narrowly defeated in the rematch. Wahl came out on top in the waves again, but couldn’t match the multiple-time world champion in the air. Wahl remains in 5th place overall after her best showing in Tenerife yet.Lina Erpenstein

Balz Müller and Tonky Frans styled to the 9th position at the Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam: Men’s Freestyle

Balz MüllerBalz Müller continued his fine start to the season as he reached the 9th place together with his team mate Tonky Frans. Müller’s radical and fearless approach once again proved popular, with both the crowd and the judges.

Actually Balz Müller is on the 8th position of the current ranking of the 2016 PWA Freestyle World Tour.

Video: New episode of Ricardo Campello´s “The Monkey Show”

Next episode of Ricardo Campello´s “The Monkey Show” This time from his last trip to Hawaii. In this video he talks about his injury and his aims for 2016.

Slalom Board Developement 2017

PATRIK Slalom 2017

While most other brands already finished their development Patrik was waiting for the feedback from the first slalom worldcup event in Korea and keeps on pushing the development. Patrik has already spent one and a half months in France testing 22 prototypes which have been modified and retested again and again. After the next slalom world cup event in Costa Brava 20 more prototypes will go through a long testing period where riders are able and give the latest feedback from their competition experience.

Check out our 2016 slalom collection: http://patrik-windsurf.com/slalom/

Steve Allen wins Formula Windsurfing Nationals in Australia

Steve Allen competed in the Formula Windsurfing Nationals in Australia over the last weekend, and won alreade his first Formula Race on PATRIK. His weapons:

Board: PATRIK Formula V4
Fin: Boss 72 S
Sail: Reflex 7 sails.

Steve Allen: “I have to say I am really impressed with the light wind performance which was just amazing. I won all 7 races and was only one second to the windward mark where Justin Lord on another Patrik board lead that race to.

So in the end it was Patrik Boards in 1st and 2nd for the 1st time ever. I used the 12.5m in 5 races and the 11.5m in two races. I don’t remember the last time I won every race of an event, so I am really looking forward to my next FW race on my new gear.”

Congratulation to Justin Lord and Steve Allen for this amazing result!

Winner Formula Pro