Mats Moyson: 2nd IFCA Youth Freestyle Worldchampionship 1st IFCA Junior freestyle championship


Congratulations to one of our freestyle youngsters Mats Moyson who became 2nd at the IFCA Junior Freestyle World Championship and won the IFCA Junior Freestyle Championship!

Mats: “We only had 1 day of wind at the 2015 IFCA Junior & Youth Freestyle/wave world championship in Denmark. In the Youth division I fought my way up to the winners final against Amado Vrieswijk. I’m superstoked with my vice worldchampion title.

I’m also very happy with my first place in the Junior division. We sailed in good winds and sunny conditions and I had a lot of confidence in my heats. My goal was a podiumplace U17 but a second place U20 gives me a lot of confidence in the future.”