EFPT Sailor Of The Year – Vote For Adam Sims

Adam Sims EFPT VotingFor the fourth time in a row the European Freestyle Pro Tour is looking for the EFPT Sailor of the Year. Some of the most impressive riders of this season have been nominated by the EFPT crew and eight made it into the final public voting on the efpt.net webpage.

After Adam Sims (Patrik/Sailloft) from the UK in 2012 and Adam Gavriel (Patrik/Sailloft) from Israel in 2014 the EFPT Organizers are already looking forwards to who will be YOUR EFPT Sailor of the Year 2015.

Once again Adam Sims made it into the nominations for the Sailor of the Year. Following the tour for many years now Adam turned into a routined competition sailor which he proved with some great results this year and an 11th place overall. Even more outstanding were his performances in the tow-in discipline that he keeps pushing a lot. He made it into every tow-in final this year and pulled the EFPT Tow-in Overall Champion title of 2015. Congratulation for that Adam!

To support Adam you simply have to go to the EFPT Sailor of the Year Voting Page and vote for Adam! Thanks!