Steffi Wahl and Lina Erpenstein finished 3rd and 6th in Tenerife

Steffi Wahl Steffi Wahl: “Done! Finished 3rd here in Tenerife and I’m super happy! I’ve had a beautiful time here on the island with loads of sailing and good conditions. Congrats to all the girls, especially for my german Patrik Windsurf International team member Lina Erpenstein for finishing 6th. Watch out for this girl! She has got some airtime in her pocket!”

Steffi Wahl completes the podium in Tenerife after producing a wave riding masterclass against Daida Moreno in the single to occupy 2nd place — before being narrowly defeated in the rematch. Wahl came out on top in the waves again, but couldn’t match the multiple-time world champion in the air. Wahl remains in 5th place overall after her best showing in Tenerife yet.Lina Erpenstein

Balz Müller and Tonky Frans styled to the 9th position at the Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam: Men’s Freestyle

Balz MüllerBalz Müller continued his fine start to the season as he reached the 9th place together with his team mate Tonky Frans. Müller’s radical and fearless approach once again proved popular, with both the crowd and the judges.

Actually Balz Müller is on the 8th position of the current ranking of the 2016 PWA Freestyle World Tour.