Speed World Record!!!

WORLD RECORD for Patrik Windsurf International!!!!

The Prince of Speed delivered great conditions and Heidi Ulrich achieved an incredible average speed of 37.62 knots (69.67 km / h) over a nautical mile to set a new World Record!!
The Swiss exceeded the previous record of British Zara Davis by 0.33 knots.

The Prince of Speed 2019 was a big success for PATRIK boards. Besides the World Record, our team won also the “Bonaire 2019” Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge in both Male and Female!
Pep Bonet with an impressive 41,26 kt and Heidi Ulrich with 36,75 kt. Not to forget Christian Arnold in 2nd man!

Congratulation and go full speed!!!!

PATRIK boards are the 2019 IFCA Youth World champion!

Another WORLD CHAMPION TITLE for Patrik Windsurf International!!!

Thanks for Francesco Scagliola PATRIK boards are the 2019 IFCA Youth champion!

This year we wanted to refresh the team with some young promising athletes and our choice was also Francesco who we believed since day one. He proved his potential, by winning the Youth World championship in Sylt!

Congratulation also for his 8th place overall in the 2019 IFCA slalom Worlds Sylt.

Congrats also to all the other PATRIK team riders.

Windy Costa Brava 2019

Epic conditions with strong Tramontane made foiling to its extreme. Alex Cousin was fighting strong and with consistent results finished Finished 7th and is now sitting in 4th place, but with equal points to first so all is still open!