Alex Cousin is the PWA Foil Vice World Champion!!!

What an amazing end of the PWA Foiling season with a win in the last elimination by Alex Cousin!

Entering the event last event of the season in Sylt Alex was equal points with top 4 racers, so everything was open. With that in mind, quite some pressure was on him and the fact that there will be a mix of courses, between course racing and salom on foil, all was open. But the first two upwind-downwind races Alex showed he will be one of the top racers with two second places.

He continued the event with constant top finishes to end the event with an amazing win in the elimination number 10! And it was a slalom race so things look very promising for 2020 when in light wind slalom foiling will be introduced.

Alex finished the event in Sylt on 2nd place which brought him to the 2nd place overall in the PWA 2019 Foil season!!!



We have to mention also Steve Allen that showed some top 10 results and finished 13th.

We are already excited about the 2020 season!