First 2019 PWA Slalom with good results in light winds

The first PWA World Tour Windsurfing Slalom stop is finished and two very good results for the Patrik Windsurf International team!

The wind did not really coolaborate in France and in 5 days of racing only 1 race could be completed in very light winds.
However, the conditions were really tricky still Maëlle Guilbaud WindsurfMaëlle Guilbaud and Julien Quentel managed to show their strong performance and stayed just behind the podium.

Mealle finished 4th and Julien finished 6th. This is a very good start in to 2019 and we are looking forward to seeing them right on the top!

Congrats also to Alexano SincouAlexandre Cousin FRA 752 who was foiling the whole time that conditions were not suitable, Steve Allenadrian beholzBabou Benjamin AugéMarianne Rautelin

Three podiums at AFF Funboard Tour!

What a start of the racing season in Europe for the Patrik Windsurf International team!!!

While the first slalom event of the PWA World Tour Windsurfing is waiting for wind we are more than happy to report about a super performance of the PATRIK team at the first stop of the AFF Funboard Tour!

In strong winds, Julien Quentel finished 2nd in Slalom followed by Alexano SincouAlexandre Cousin FRA 752. So we scored 2 podiums!!!
Also, Babou Benjamin Augé made a strong performance finishing 12.

While in the Foil divisionAlexandre Cousin made another podium, finishing 2nd after a close battle!
While Babou finished strong in 7th place!

With 3 podiums this was an impressive start of the season and now we are looking forward to the PWA stage…

Congrats to all the riders and good luck!!!

Double win of DEFI wind Japan!

Patrik Windsurf International team riders Ludo JossinLudo Jossin X12and Yuki Sunaga win Defi-wind JAPAN in Miyako in men and women!!!

What a better present for Patrik Diethelm than a double win on the boards he shaped! Happy birthday boss!

After some days of lighter wind on the final day of the Le Defi Japan 3 races were held and it was Ludo Jossin in men and Yuki Sunaga in women division on their Patrik board to claim the first places.

A big congratulation to them and it looks like this year will be a special one!!!

A shot in the dark – ep. 3

Adam Sims is besides being an amazing freestyler also a talented filmmaker. You need to have a look at the last part of his come back after a very serious injury!
The 3rd episode of A shot in the dark is full of action and stunning shots!

Keep the dream alive!!!

Enjoy it and let us know if you like it…

Two podiums at Lancelin 2019

The already 34th long distance Lancelin Ocean Classic race 2019 has finished and the Patrik Windsurf International team took two of the top 3 places!!!
Patrik Diethelm is still on fire! In a close battle with the current number two in the World Matteo Iachino Ita-140 he finished 2nd. While another super performance of Bastien Escofet with a 3rd.
Karin Jaggi impressed with a 9th place in the overall out of 145 competitors to finish as a first woman!!
To close another great result of the flying PATRIK family is the 2nd place of Alexander Strub in the Master category!!
Congrats to all!!!
All the results here:

We are Formula windsurfing World Champions!!

Ladies and gentlemen PATRIK flying team dominated the Formula Portimao Windsurfing World Championships → 2018! After the fantastic performance in the European Championship earlier in the year the PATRIK Formula AirInside proved to be the ultimate machine for the Formula Windsurfing class and took all the podium places!

With the perfect score after 3 races Steve Allen won in front of Alexandre Cousin FRA 752 and Janis Preiss!

Big Congratulation to the whole team!!!

PWA Fuertaventura 2018

This year Fuertaventura, did not deliver the way we are used to. Nevertheless we saw quite some action and some good results of the Patrik Windsurf International!

After a good wind in the single elimination unfortunately, the wind did not show up the last 3 days so the half double elimination counted. Mattia Fabrizi was on a very good climb back in the double but was stopped by no wind to finally share the 9th place. Still a top 10 result!

While in slalom Quentel Julien started with an amazing 2nd place and was sailing good throughout the event, but was a bit unlucky in the last race where he lost 2 places to finish 6th.
Alexandre Cousin FRA 752 was on form too and made two winner finals. With good speed he managed to finish 11th, best this season so far.


We are looking forward to the final event in Sylt where many things can change!

See you next year Fuerteventura!


The Prince of Speed delivered in full action when in La Palme all the competitors had the chance to fight for nautical mile open ocean records.
Thanks so Heidi Ulrich Patrik has a new WORLD RECORD in Outright Nautical Mile.
In a close battle with other women, she managed to break the 12 years old record of Zara Davis that was 34,74 knots with an impressive 35,91 knots over 1 mile. Her top speed was 40,1 knots. Congratulations!!!!

On the same day also the NATIONAL SWISS RECORD on Outright Nautical Mile was broken by Christian Arnold with 38,52 knots. Bravo!

The event is not over yet and we are looking forward to some more records.
As Andrea Baldini would say: “Forever speed!!!”

PATRIK formula board is officially the fastest in Europe!!!

Janis Preiss and Steve Allen brought to Patrik two more European titles! The two guys just dominated the Formula European Championship on PATRIK formula boards.
Janis won the fin class in front of Steve, while in foil class it was just the opposite. So the board performed no matter what you put under it.
Furthermore, Wojtek Brzozowski finished 4th and Tristen Erik Kivi 5th in fin class which means 4 out of top 5 were on PATRIK boards!!!

A big congratulation to all the racers to finish one of the hardest contest in Formula Windsurfing Class history with 28 races done!

More photos on the official web: