PATRIK Volant Cross V2 The crossover that performs!

PATRIK Volant Cross V2

The Volant Cross V2 is our new freestyle wave wing dedicated to those who want to push their limits.
Both on a wave or performing freestyle tricks, the Volant Cross V2 will assist you easily.
This wing is well balanced and stable, it will give you updraft during tricks and can be neutralized for wave rides. The V2 will also surprise you with its top speed which was proved by winning the first edition of the DEFI wing!
Finally refined the sizes to have an optimal wing in any wind strength from 4knts to 45+knts.


After the Volant Cross V1, which proved to be a super all-around wing for beginners to intermediate wingers, we felt a need from those who want to push their limits.
At first, we experimented with different strut thicknesses and variations to have a locked shape. Then we wanted a more compact wing for moves without compromising on the top speed and stability.
We kept a “loose” canopy to improve early take-off but mainly to reduce the drag when flagging the wing on the surf.

Key points:

-stiff structure
-compact shape
-neutral during surf
-locked profile for increased speed
-early take-off
-refined sizes (1.8 to 6.0)

The DEFI Wing Winner!!!